It has been confirmed that dozens of employees of the Ministry of Health and Welfare have been collectively infected with COVID-19.

According to the Central Accident Response Headquarters, as of 10 am today (24th), 24 employees have been confirmed with Corona 19 and are receiving treatment at home.

The first confirmed case was reported on the 21st.

Two of the 24 confirmed employees were identified as employees of the Central Accident Response Headquarters in charge of responding to COVID-19.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare is currently investigating the exact route of infection, but some media reports that the infection started from employees who had been on business trips to the Middle East were not true, saying, "These employees did not go to work because they were in self-quarantine after entering the country."

The Ministry of Health and Welfare has shifted to a telecommuting system, such as assigning more than 30% of all employees to work from home, and is adjusting to postpone or minimize face-to-face meetings and events.

Although it is not included in the official count of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, it is known that the families of some confirmed employees have also tested positive, so the actual number of infections is expected to increase.

In 2020, the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries also confirmed 39 confirmed cases, including employees and their families.

(Photo = Yonhap News)