The news is that a tunnel has been opened in the village of Sinwol-ri, Nam-myeon, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do, which is called an 'island in the land' for the first time in 49 years.

In addition, as the Wontong Bridge in Buk-myeon is expanded and opened with four lanes, it is expected that the traffic inconvenience that residents had to endure in the past will be greatly reduced.

Inje-gun announced today (24th) that the Wontong Bridge connected to National Road No. 44 has been expanded to four lanes and will open tomorrow.

Wontong Bridge had a high risk of vehicle congestion and accidents due to the width of the two-lane two-lane bridge.

Accordingly, the military invested 8 billion won for two years from December 2019 to January this year to build a new two-lane bridge with a length of 190m and a width of 10m next to the existing two-lane Wontong Bridge and expand it to four lanes.

In addition, when the bridge sculpture facilities and landscape lighting installation are completed next month, Wontong Bridge is expected to be reborn as a bridge of beautiful light and become a landmark in Wontong area.

In addition, the road and tunnel connecting Sinwol-ri and Gwandae-ri, Nam-myeon, Inje-gun, opened early today.

30 billion won was invested in the construction of this road.

Originally, the construction of the road between Sinwol-ri and Gwandae-ri started in August 2017 and was scheduled to be completed around December 2024. was advanced by about 3 years.

With the opening of a two-lane road with a total length of 2.91km, including one 110m-long bridge and a 998m-long tunnel, the traffic conditions for local residents have improved.

Meanwhile, Sinwol-ri became an island in the land when the road connecting Nam-myeon downtown and Inje-eup was submerged in 1973 when the Soyang River dam was built.

In order to move to other areas of Inje, villagers had to make a detour to Yanggu-gun, which caused great inconvenience. With the opening of the road, the time from Sinwol-ri to the city center of Inje-eup, which used to take more than 30 minutes, was cut in half.

An official from Inje-gun said, "This is good news for the residents of Sinwol-ri, who have been experiencing transportation inconvenience for a long time.

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(Photo = Provided by Inje-gun, Gangwon-do)