The one-star review left on the delivery app is controversial.

Customers who ordered meat protested by weighing the food on a scale saying it was 'light in weight', and the owner said that it is natural to reduce the weight of meat when it is cooked.

This article was posted on the online community on the 20th.

The author, who runs a delivery meat restaurant, released a one-star review left at his restaurant.

The customer who left a review said, 'I heard it was 500g, but I ordered it for two people to eat, but it was so light that I weighed it.

The scale on the scale in the photo indicates about 400g.

The customer said, 'I called the delivery app and inquired about it, and they said that the weight before roasting the meat was 500g.

In response, the author said, 'A meat restaurant orders 150g per person, but if you cook it, please adjust it to 150g.'

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