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There are many who

associate the month of January with the feeling of sadness,

in fact, just a few days ago, what is known as

Blue Monday

, the saddest day of the year,

was celebrated


However, in Ireland a woman has wanted to overthrow that idea.

It's about the accessories designer

Taryn de Vere

, who has dressed every day this month with designs that remind https://www.instagram.com/p/CY0p6cssEqE/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_linka household items she had at home .

From a plunger for the sink to a packet of curry powder, a bottle of shampoo or a bag of chips, they have inspired him and he has been posting his creations on his Instagram account.

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In statements to the BBC, this designer has assured that she had decided to

take a few days of vacation

in January but due to the health situation caused by the Covid, she has spent more time than she would have liked at home and decided to create her own creative challenge inspired by in the objects that were within reach.

The only rule is that she couldn't buy anything extra to create her look, she had to make do with things she had at home.

"When I opened the fridge or the closet, I saw different objects and thought: okay, I have enough things to dress like this," he assured the aforementioned chain.

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In her daily life, according to the BBC, it is common to see de Vere

with colorful looks.

It's a style she adopted years ago, after getting out of an abusive relationship.

Thus, as part of the healing process, he began to dress "in a more extravagant way" to get out of his comfort zone.

On this occasion, her only objective when dressing by recreating cleaning products or home accessories was, according to her own account, "to put a smile on the face" of those people who are going through a difficult time, although she admits feeling overwhelmed by the barrage of reactions he has received on networks when posting his outfits.

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