Today (22nd), the 12th day of the Gwangju apartment collapse, the search for missing persons continues.

Correspondent Choi Seon-gil, (Yes, I am at the scene of the apartment collapse in Hwajeong-dong, Gwangju.) Do you think the tower crane dismantling work will be finished today?


Yes, the leaning tower crane seen behind me. After dismantling about 70% yesterday, I am working on it again this morning.

Yesterday, the 55m-long boom that serves as the arm of the tower crane and 6 weights were removed in turn.

During the dismantling, the work was delayed a bit as an 80mm error occurred on the outer wall of the adjacent building.

This morning, starting with the tower crane's upper column, the rest of the dismantling work, including the cockpit, is proceeding as scheduled.

The evacuation order issued to residents within a 79m radius of danger in case the crane falls has also been lifted.

In addition to the dismantling of the tower crane, a search for missing persons is also being carried out.

From 7:20 in the morning, 190 people, 43 equipment, and 5 rescue dogs were put in.

Due to the risk of collapse, difficult-to-access inside and near tower cranes are being searched using drones.

When the tower crane dismantling is finished soon, the search for the upper floors, where 5 people are estimated to be missing, is also expected to speed up.