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Stories to not sleep

are some of the series that can be

seen in a single day

on platforms such as

Movistar +, Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video or Filmin.

THE COLLAPSE (Filmin, less than 3 hours)

From France comes a miniseries

that gave a lot to talk about a couple of years ago and that reflects

how many would act if our planet collapsed.

Guess what?

According to this suffocating thriller with

eight stories shot in sequence shot

, a moment as complicated as that would be the perfect excuse for more than one to leave morality and common sense behind.


(Disney+, less than 5 hours)



find in this animated series

a twist

to the stories they know so well.

Characters like

Thor, Captain America or Iron-Man

appear in the nine chapters in situations that never were... but that could very well happen in the multiverse.

To subscribe to Disney + can be accessed here.

LOVE, DEATH & ROBOTS (Netflix, less than 2 hours)

It is one of the 'jewels' of the Netflix catalog that, from time to time, appears among the most viewed on the platform.


animated series for adults

in which each episode tells an independent story in which there is a bit of love, the

occasional robot appears and, above all, many deaths are shown


Eight chapters of very different duration and animation style.

CARDO (AtresPlayer Premium, less than 3 hours)

It has been

one of the recent sensations in the Spanish series scene.

Its protagonist is Ana Rujas, who throughout six chapters gets into the skin of María,

a neighborhood girl who has problems piling up


But that never gives up and shows that you have to get ahead.

CONDEMNATION (Movistar+, less than 3 hours)

A good series that begins and ends and lasts only three chapters?

The answer is this


that brings together two prestigious actors such as Sean Bean and Stephen Graham.

The two star in a story full of surprises in which the

Game of Thrones

actor is a

professor imprisoned in a prison in which Graham's character acts as chief guard


Nothing is what it seems at first.

DEALER (Netflix, less than 2 hours)

The subgenre of

'found footage'

(found footage) has left good stories.

In this case, the adjective frenetic fits like a glove to

a gangster thriller from a suburb of Marseille

where two guys go to record a video clip.

Shootings, chases and characters with bad intentions parade in front of the camera.

STORIES TO KEEP YOU SLEEPING (Amazon Prime Video, less than 4 hours)


pay tribute to the great Chicho Ibáñez Serrador,

prestigious directors such as

Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Paco Plaza and Paula Ortiz

have put themselves in charge of four episodes that use chapters from the original series as a basis.

A murderous doll, an almost impossible deception, a cyclist trapped on the asphalt or a future with doubles are some of the clues in the stories starring

Dani Rovira, Eduard Fernández, David Verdaguer, Inma Cuesta or Miki Esparbé


Amazon Prime Video subscription is available here.

STAY BY MY SIDE (Netflix, just over 6 hours)

Netflix 's

penultimate sensation

is this cross-story detective thriller that bears the hallmarks of

Harlan Coben


Doesn't it ring a bell?

This is the creator of series and bestsellers such as

The innocent


Do not talk to strangers


Series that, like this one, hook and

must be seen until the last minute.

That's where everything takes a 180 degree turn.

LOKI (Disney+, less than 7 hours)

The 'god of deception' of the Marvel universe

has its own series.

And, although the films of the


saga have not been seen before , it is worth giving a chance to a seven-episode production in which

Tom Hiddleston unleashes his most comical vis.

And in which the multiverse is very present... To subscribe to Disney + you can access here.

THE TIME I GIVE YOU (Netflix, less than 2 hours)

Álvaro Cervantes and Nadia de Santiago

star in a drama divided into

10 11-minute episodes


A 'different' way of telling the process that Lina (De Santiago) goes through, a girl determined to wipe the slate clean after breaking up with Nico (Cervantes), a boy with whom she thought she could be very happy... until they left him.

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