Amazon will open its first physical clothing store this year in California.

Baptized as

Amazon Style

, it will have clothes from all kinds of brands, like a department store, and will offer a different shopping experience, with the possibility of paying biometrically or ordering new clothes without having to leave the fitting room.

The Americana at Brand shopping center in Los Angeles will be the location chosen for this new store, which will be ready in the coming months.

Like other physical stores that Amazon has opened in recent years, such as bookstores or supermarkets, Amazon Style's strategy will be to take advantage of the information that the company already has on web users to have

an inventory more tailored to the tastes of the buyers

. Clothes from "hundreds of brands" will be on the shelves, many of which are available for purchase online.

The shopping experience will be somewhat different from that of a conventional store.

The shelves will have QR codes to scan with your phone and get a list with the different color and size options.

This will make better use of the space in the store, by not having to display several sizes of the same garment.

According to Amazon, these stores will be able to offer double the inventory of comparable stores thanks to this system.

The customer will be able to send the chosen garment in the size they need to a fitting room from their phone, and fitting rooms will also have

a touch screen to order more items

or different color options without having to leave the fitting room.

Amazon will also suggest complementary garments based on market tastes and trends.

The stores will also serve as a distribution center for those who prefer to shop online.

Customers will be able to request that Amazon send the clothing to a nearby Amazon Style store to try it on before buying.

Payment can be made from the app itself on the phone or through Amazon One, which allows registered users to pay simply by passing the palm of their hand over a biometric reader.

This system is also used in some of the Amazon Go and Amazon Fresh stores that the company has opened in several US cities.

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