"I am an office worker who goes to work on Line 4. On my way to work today, as I passed from Dongjak Station to Ichon Station, I heard a message from the subway driver. I am passing the Han River Bridge, so I put my cell phone on hold for a while and watch nature. It was a message asking me to put it all down on the screen. I've been very tired lately, and it felt like I was holding on to life, but I'm going to try my best again today!"


 "Beware of shoulder fights at Express Bus Terminal Station," I laughed for a while on the way to work at the comment 'I will leave the door open long enough for passengers' enthusiasm for boarding'."

These are the warm stories that arrived at Seoul Transportation Corporation last year. On the crazy morning commute to work, the voices of citizens saying that they started a lively day thanks to the affectionate and witty remarks of the engineer are included.

Last year, a total of 2,202 complaints about compliments were received from the Seoul Metro, which operates the Seoul subway.

The construction company announced today (21) that 1,773 cases, or 80.5% of complaints, were related to flight attendant announcements.

There were many compliments about the emotional words they gave when kindly guiding the subway rules or encouraging passengers during their spare time. Praise of the service and kindness of staff accounted for 13.4% (294 cases).

The 'Praise King' of KAC that received the most compliments last year was Deputy Manager Choi Kyung-cheon, who works as a flight attendant on Line 4, and received 175 compliments last year alone. There were many compliments about the sentimental comments given to citizens while passing Dongjak Railroad Bridge.

Meanwhile, the crew members of Seoul Transportation Corporation are conducting 'Emotional Happiness Broadcasting' to improve customer service and increase contact points with customers.

KAC encourages employees who receive a lot of praise for their hard work through rewards such as awarding commendations. We are making various efforts to provide better service.

In addition to complaints about compliments, stories that caught the attention of construction workers were also submitted to the customer center.

An anonymous citizen sent 65,000 won in cash to the corporation 20 years ago along with a letter apologizing for illegal riding.

The letter said, "I took a free ride 20 years ago, and I bought a boarding pass that was not appropriate for my age, so I am sending you cash."

Kim Sang-beom, president of Seoul Transportation Corporation, said, "When customers send compliments that recognize their hard work with warm words and encouragement, employees also get stronger.

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(Photo = provided by Seoul Transportation Corporation)