There is still no news that the five remaining missing persons have been found at the site of the Gwangju apartment collapse. The crane dismantling work, which is essential for the search for missing persons, starts today (21st).

Correspondent Suwon-wook.


Yesterday, the tenth day of the accident, the search operation ended at 7:10 pm.

190 search personnel and 50 equipment were put in to remove debris from the upper floors of the building.

However, no clues were found to indicate the location of the missing person.

The families of the missing people also visited the rooftop of the 39th floor with the guidance of the fire department in the morning, but it was confirmed that the situation inside the building was not easy even for rescue teams to access.

He also expressed his disastrous feelings that the search could take up to a year or more.

[Ahn Mo / Representative of Victim's Family: Still, I am not giving up hope, but I am saying that I am the worst because I have to endure a long time.] The

external tower crane dismantling work is continuing as scheduled.

The work of pulling the 8 wires connected to other buildings to prevent the tilted tower crane from falling has been completed.

Work was also carried out to restore the broken power supply line to lower the raised boom.

The dismantling of the upper part of the tower crane begins at 8 am today.

The site search will be stopped, and an evacuation order will be issued for the 79 m radius of the tower crane and traffic will be blocked.

When the dismantling work is completed, additional safety work will be carried out over the weekend, and a full-scale search for the missing person will begin from next Monday.