Leaks reveal the launch date of "iPhone SE" with these specifications

Leaks revealed that the production of the new iPhone SE will be in late January, to be launched next May.

According to the leaks, the iPhone SE 2022 will see a slight update, compared to a redesign in 2023, and analyst Ross Young now says that the phone is entering the production stage.

Young confirms the previous reports of analyst Ming Shi Kuo, who said that the iPhone SE will appear in the first half of 2022.

Ross Young is an analyst at Display Supply Chain Consultants, and has a generally good track record of information about suppliers.

The upcoming iPhone SE will be the third generation of the model, and it is believed that it will be equipped with 5G.

Previous reports suggested it might be based on the old iPhone XR chassis, while others speculated that it would use the iPhone 11 case design. It's not expected to have a bigger screen than the current model.

However, a larger screen release has been expected in 2023.