It was confirmed that former special prosecutor Park Young-soo, who is suspected of the so-called '5 billion club' in relation to the development of Daejang-dong, remitted 500 million won to Hwacheon Daeyu right after it won the business right. Former Special Prosecutor Park explained that he received and transferred money from a relative at the request of Kim Man-bae.

Reporter Hong Young-jae reports.


The time when former special prosecutor Park Young-soo transferred 500 million won to Kim Man-bae's Hwacheon Daeyu corporate account was in early April 2015, a week after Hwacheon Daeyu was selected as the preferred bidder in Daejang-dong.

Former Special Prosecutor Park received 500 million won remittance from Mr. Lee, the representative of a sales agency, a relative, and transferred it to Hwacheon Daewoo the next day.

500 million won, which went through the account of former special prosecutor Park, flowed into Hwacheon Daeyu at the beginning of the business, and the related circumstances also appear in the transcript of accountant Jeong Young-hak.

In April 2020, Kim Man-bae met with accountant Jeong and talked with the purpose of repaying the help to his relative Lee, saying, "The money that came in when the corporation was established was also the money that came through the former special prosecutor Park."

In the transcript, Kim also said, "Mr. Lee asked him to give 5 billion won to the daughter of former special prosecutor Park."

Park's explanation has heightened controversy while the possibility that former special prosecutor Park, who is suspected of being a member of the so-called '5 billion club', was involved from the beginning of the project is being discussed.

The 500 million won was borrowed from Mr. Manbae Kim, and he only lent the account at the request of Mr. Manbae Kim in order to clarify the relationship between money transactions.

It is also inconsistent with the position three months ago when he said, "There is no fact that I was involved in the money transaction between Mr.

Prosecutors are investigating who the 500 million won that went into Hwacheon Daeyu through Park's special prosecutor actually was and for what purpose it was used.