Since this year, delivery platforms and delivery agencies have increased their fees one after another, leading to cases where delivery fees exceed 10,000 won.

A way to save on delivery costs for apartment dwellers is attracting attention.

According to the industry, most delivery agencies have increased delivery agency fees by 500 won to 1,000 won starting this month.

The average delivery fee for the metropolitan area was 4,400 won last year, which was an average of 3,300 won last year, a 30% increase in just one year.

As the burden of delivery costs increases, various online communities are sharing 'how to save delivery costs'.

This is the so-called 'delivery cost Dutch pay' or 'delivery cost tool'.

In the apartment group chat room or community, 'Who wants to eat chicken?'

It's about gathering people to cook food with by posting posts like that.

When the delivery man arrives in front of the apartment building, each person takes their own food with them.

Most of the netizens responded that it was a 'good way'.

Self-employed people are also welcome, saying, 'It's good that the calculation amount is large and the delivery burden is small'.