Omicron Mutation Countermeasures Today (the 20th), we will talk with medical reporter Dongchan Cho.

Q. UK, everyday?

[Cho Dong-chan / Medical reporter (specialist): The UK said that it would take off the mask indoors, remove the quarantine pass, and not even quarantine the confirmed person. Let's hear from the director of the Health Department.]

[Javid/British Health Minister: We are going to get rid of the corona restrictions and return to our daily lives.]

[Cho Dong-chan/Medical Correspondent (specialist): The first reason is Britain and Germany It's a joint study. Although Omicron is less effective in preventing vaccines, it works well for oral and injection drugs, and at the same time is weak against interferon, our original immune protein. Second, the UK's corona fatality rate once exceeded 14%. But now, the fatality rate of the flu has dropped to 0.99% and 1%. The British position is to choose coexistence with Omicron rather than a policy of suppression that causes severe social and economic damage, and to control it with additional vaccinations and oral medications.]

Q. How do we do it?

[Cho Dong-chan / Medical reporter (specialist): There are experts who are concerned even in the UK. Domestic experts also think that the exemption of self-quarantine by taking off indoor masks is a bit excessive. However, since the current distance is tailored to the delta mutation characteristic, it is questionable whether it will be effective for Omicron. So I think we should look for a flexible policy instead of a deterrent policy that makes it difficult for small business owners and the self-employed.]

Q. When will the spread of Omicron pass?

[Cho Dong-chan / Medical reporter (specialist): Anthony Fauci, the top authority on infectious diseases in the United States, said that he would take off the mask in two months.

Just two weeks ago, the U.S. Omicron Reproduction Index, or propagation speed, was parallel at such a high level, but today, the propagation speed is negative.

After two months, it peaked.

Analysis is that it will stabilize in the next two months.

We have a higher vaccination rate than the United States.

He wears a mask better, so the peak and bend will be slower, but I think it won't take more than three months for stabilization.]

Q. Is it better to take Omicron?

[Cho Dong-chan/medical reporter (specialist): 1% flu fatality rate means that if 100,000 people are infected, 1,000 people will die.

The idea that it's better to get caught in the omicron is very dangerous.

In particular, people over 60 and under 5 are more vulnerable to Omicron, so it is time to focus on countermeasures.] 

(Video editing: Park Ji-in, CG: Kang Yu-ra, Shim Soo-hyun)

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