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Microsoft stopped production of its "old gen" consoles shortly after the release of its new Xbox Series X and S. The manufacturer would have immediately abandoned production of its Xbox One and Xbox One X, but maintained its chains for a few months. of production for the Xbox One S, which would have been maintained until the end of 2020.

“To focus on Xbox Series production, we have halted production of all Xbox One consoles in 2020,” confirms Cindy Walker, Xbox Product Marketing Manager at The Verge.

A potentially risky bet

A choice that seems logical, but which nevertheless represented a huge challenge, because traditionally, console manufacturers maintain the production of “old gen” consoles for several years.

Sony is said to have even restarted production of its PlayStation 4 recently to remedy the huge demand for its PlayStation 5.

If the Japanese giant has sold more "next gen" consoles than its rival to date, Microsoft would total between 10 and 12 million Xbox Series consoles sold to date, and would be neck and neck with its rival.


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