The fire department has released a video of the inside of a high-rise building searching for a missing person. There was a point where the rescue dog reacted, but it was difficult to even access the debris that had collapsed.

Correspondent Choi Seong-gil.


The video released by the fire department shows the appearance of each floor from the 22nd floor to the 39th floor of the apartment building 201 in Hwajeong-dong, Gwangju.

A spot marked with yellow tape by the fire department is visible through the crack in the ceiling.

It is a place where there is a possibility that there may be a missing person because the rescue dog shows a specific reaction.

[Firefighter: (Rescue dog reaction point) There is a sign over there.] There

was a rescue dog reaction on the 26th, 27th, and 28th floors, but the living rooms and rooms around the marked places completely collapsed, making it difficult for rescuers to enter.

On the 23rd and 24th floors, the walls collapsed as if they had been bombed, creating a cliff, and on the 25th floor, the ceiling sunken by the collapse extends to the floor.

[Moon Hee-jun / Chief Gwangju West Fire Department: There are many remnants inside. If you search and rescue people, you can think of them as being safe because the crews can get hurt.]

The fire department plans to start a full-scale search after conducting emergency safety diagnosis and installation of safety nets for the safety of the crew.

Investigations to determine the cause of the accident are also accelerating.

The police and the Ministry of Employment and Labor are known to have seized and searched the Hyundai Industrial Development headquarters yesterday (19th) and secured documents related to construction, safety and contract.

In addition, a search and seizure was conducted at the Seo-gu Office in Gwangju, which issued various licenses and permits during the construction process.

Once the data obtained is analyzed, it is expected that an investigation will be conducted on construction and licensing officials in the near future.