A prosecutor at the Prosecutor's Office recently received a three-month suspension from suspension for repeating insults to subordinates and police officers. However, it has been confirmed that this prosecutor is being inspected again, saying that he treated an apprentice prosecutor who had just been appointed this time unfairly. 

This is the exclusive report by Hong Young-jae.


Prosecutor A, who works at the Metropolitan Prosecutor's Office, was recently suspended for three months.

This is because I have been ignoring or insulting junior prosecutors, investigators, and judicial police officers for two years from 2018.

As a result of the SBS coverage, Prosecutor A questioned the employee, "Do I have to keep checking until I get into a habit?" for reasons such as missing the seal, and denied to the investigator, "Do you know what indictment and non-indictment are?"

When the prosecutors said that a lawyer or a police officer came to an interview, prosecutors said, "Are you saying, "Are you saying I'm going to serve you?" and made visitors wait for more than 30 minutes.

It is known that he said ignoring words to the police officer who came to receive the investigation command, saying, "I've done more voice phishing investigations than you did, but if you've done this kind of investigation, how much have you done?"

It has been confirmed that Prosecutor A is being inspected again on suspicion of unfair treatment, such as asking the probation prosecutor to review the case and not asking questions itself at the prosecutor's office where he currently works.

He was severely punished for ignoring and insulting others rather than abusive language, but after the case of Prosecutor Kim Hong-young, who turned his back on the world because he could not withstand the verbal abuse and assault of his superior in 2016, "Disciplinary measures aimed at improving the organizational culture of so-called 'Gap-jil within the prosecution' " is the interpretation.

Prosecutor A explained that he had nothing to say about the existing disciplinary case at the reporter's request for his position, and that the current investigation was caused by a misunderstanding with the person concerned.

(Video coverage: Seol Min-hwan, video editing: Kim Kyung-yeon, CG: Seo Hyun-joong, Park Cheon-woong)