A handwritten letter from Seongnam Urban Development Corporation (hereafter Seongnam Provincial Construction Corporation) Director Kim Moon-ki, who was found dead while serving as the head of the department in charge of the Daejang-dong development project, which is suspected of preferential treatment, was released.

In a letter released today (19th) by Mr. A, Kim's younger brother, he said, "It's so unfair. I proposed 'three times' to insert the excess profit beyond the standards set by the company, but it was not reflected." The decision was made according to the criteria and the bidding plan criteria.”

Director Kim wrote, "I did my best until last March according to the criteria for the decision, but it feels as if I had committed an illegal act under orders, driving public opinion and the prosecution's investigation like that."

He also said, "I never received any instructions, pressure, or unreasonable demands from either Dong-gyu Yoo or Team Leader Jeong Min-yong while working in Daejang-dong. never,” he emphasized.

However, it did not disclose who the executives were at the time or what their position was on suspicions related to higher-level officials, such as the Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung, who was mayor of Seongnam.

In an interview while he was still alive, Director Kim argued that there was a high possibility that the strategic business headquarters created by Yoo Dong-gyu, former head of Seongnam-do Open Construction Planning Division, had asked to remove the clause that disappeared after 7 hours in the business agreement review opinion.

At the time, he said, "The decision was made using the pre-determined profit method, but from the perspective of the working-level department, I and the staff came up with such an opinion in order to recover even a little more if there is a boom."

Director Kim also expressed his feelings in the letter, such as "It's so unfair. The company is resentful."

He wrote, "Last week, on October 6th and 7th, on the 13th, I was investigated as a witness by the Central District Prosecutors' Office.

At the same time, he asked, "I ask for the appointment of a professional lawyer as soon as possible."

It is estimated that the two-note letter entitled 'A letter of appeal to the president' was written at the end of October last year, about a month before his death.

It appears that he, who was being investigated by the prosecution at the time, was trying to send Yoon Jung-soo, president of Seongnam Province, to ask for help, and it is not a suicide note.

On December 20, last year, the day before Director Kim made the extreme choice, Mr. A also disclosed a resolution requesting a disciplinary decision for Director Kim through a special audit by Seongnam Provincial Government and a statement of circumstances submitted by Director Kim to the company.

Director Kim has been self-audited on the grounds that he gave up the construction of Seongnam Province on September 25 last year and allowed lawyer Jeong Min-yong, who was a civilian, to visit the construction and read the private business evaluation scorecard, etc., which are undisclosed materials.

In the resolution of the Seongnam Provincial Government, "It is considered reasonable to impose severe disciplinary action."and wrote.

Director Kim explained in the Inspector General (November 4), "At the time of reading, lawyer Jung had no knowledge of the (criminal) facts revealed by the prosecution, so I read it."