The Qi Peng team of Tongji University applied the world's leading 3D human body model recognition algorithm and adaptive robot technology, combined with the design of mechatronics needle-free injector, and jointly developed a Fully automatic needleless vaccine injection robot.

  The robot was officially released on January 17, which is also the first time that this complete technical verification scheme has been released in China.

  The automatic vaccine injection robot can automatically identify the designated vaccine injection position on the human body, such as the commonly used part of the deltoid muscle of the upper limb of the human body.

At present, the 3D model recognition algorithm of the human body can quickly and automatically fit the 3D model of the corresponding parts of the human body (such as shoulder and elbow) through a simple 3D point cloud camera to take pictures of the human body (either in a standing or sitting position), and accurately identify Vaccine injection site and injection angle.

(Reporter Xu Jing made Zhou Jing video from Tongji University)

Responsible editor: [Li Ji]