A first look at the trends of the young technology year 2022 shows that Corona is significantly shaping or even changing the path of technical developments. More flexibility is announced, especially in the PC world, where mobile working and home office are breaking up old structures and new ones require ideas.

Asus demonstrates this, for example, with its spectacular Zenbook 17 Fold: It is a Windows tablet with a diagonal of 17.3 inches that can be folded up and is therefore particularly compact during transport, but unfolded it offers a huge work surface provides.

Michael Spehr

Editor in the "Technology and Engine" department.

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Lenovo had already shown a similar idea last year, only their Thinkpad X1 Fold is significantly smaller.

The Zenbook can either display a keyboard on one half of the screen or you can connect it to a Bluetooth keyboard.

The new CES release will be available in stores in the middle of the year and will feature a 12th generation Intel processor.

The third-generation Lenovo Thinkbook Plus will also appear later this year and, in addition to the large 17.3-inch display, offers more flexibility with an additional 8-inch touch-sensitive display that supports working with a pen.

Dell also uses the twelfth Core i generation with its new XPS 13 Plus, a spectacular device with a keyboard that extends completely from the left to the right edge of the case and dispenses with the upper row of function keys in favor of a sensor surface.

The touchpad also has no visible borders, it is located below the keyboard as part of the palm rest made of glass.

The XPS 13 Plus will be available in spring.

More video conferences everywhere, and this means that a detail on every notebook and every monitor that has only led a shadowy existence until now is becoming more important: the webcam of current devices will have a 4K resolution so that teams and conversation partners are more visible than ever.

Dell and Samsung are bringing 32-inch monitors with such cameras, but here, too, we still have to wait for the market launch.

Flexibility in a completely different way is available for owners of Android smartphones: the virtual car key replaces the real one, the digital car key enters the Google world. The smartphone is enough to unlock the car and start the engine. Apple friends have known the digital car key for some time, and both smartphone spheres will include additional digital documents in the technology year 2022, such as the ID card.

The sports watch is also becoming a data carrier, and it's not just about physical exercise data, but also about contactless payment, which Garmin has been offering for a long time.

The Venu 2 Plus shown at CES is the company's first sports watch that supports Bluetooth telephony and voice assistants.

Athletes who are tough will wait for the Fenix ​​7, which will be presented on Tuesday according to unconfirmed rumors.

Price and availability are not yet known

The new year brings a major turning point in terms of screen technology, a process that occurs at most once every decade. The innovation is called QD-Oled and could soon succeed Oled, the current top tier of TV screens, because it is supposed to make many things even better: shine brighter, avoid the risk of burn-in effects and reduce energy consumption. QD Oled screens work like conventional Oled models with self-luminous semiconductor cells made of organic material. But the light dots only emit monochrome blue light here. Quantum dots are responsible for the colors, tiny crystalline semiconductors which, when illuminated by blue light, can be stimulated to glow in very pure color spectra. Samsung has been developing the technology for quite some time,but the first device called A95K has now been announced by Sony, price and availability are not yet known.

There is also pure excitement with the projectors: A new device called Freestyle cannot be an angular bore. The new projector from Samsung is housed in a round housing and, supported by an articulated stand, shines wherever its audience wants to see moving images. The video show even works in bed: the ceiling then takes on the role of the screen. The small home cinema cannon contains mature technology. It creates murals with 250 centimeter diagonals in full HD resolution, uses long-life LED cells as light sources and automatically takes care of the usual geometric corrections. Built-in omnidirectional speakers spread sound around the room, and a user interface that looks like the home screens on the manufacturer's smart TVs,offers video streaming from all major sources. However, the free spirit can only do without a socket if an external battery is within reach. The everywhere projector should cost 1000 euros when it appears in spring.

The fact that smart technology is finding its way into every conceivable everyday product is a trend that will be continued this year.

The e-bike Zen Rider from Panasonic comes with a smartphone connection, and the electric bikes from Vanmoof not only reach speeds of up to 50 km/h with the brand new "V" model, but are also well protected against theft with Apple's air tags.

The smart IO toothbrush from Oral-B can also be connected to a mobile phone.

In the most recent new product, the Series 10, the concentrated computing power even migrates to the base, which visually indicates which areas of the oral cavity need to be cleaned even more intensively.