A video of a father holding the steering wheel and driving a baby in a high-speed vehicle was uploaded to social media (SNS) and pointed out as a problem.

On Instagram on the 17th, a video was uploaded of a young father living in Daegu City and a baby who looked less than a year old sitting in the driver's seat and driving together.

In the video, it turns out that the mother filmed it from the seat next to her.

Dad held the steering wheel with his left hand and supported the baby with his right hand.

The baby held the steering wheel with both hands and looked ahead, as if driving.

It was estimated that the video was taken for fun, but some netizens pointed out that it was very dangerous, and the police pointed out that it is a subject of punishment for violating the law.

On the 18th, informant A said, "Forcing a baby to hold the steering wheel in a fast-moving car seems very dangerous, as it can harm not only the baby but also others.

After checking the video, the Daegu Provincial Police Agency said, "It is clear that the baby is not wearing a seat belt, so he is subject to a fine for negligence."

Police also found out through investigation that the baby was born at a hospital in Daegu last April and was only 9 months old.

And it was analyzed that the vehicle carrying the baby was traveling at a fairly high speed on the highway rather than on a regular road.

Police continued, stating that it is not easy to identify the driver any longer because of concerns about privacy violations in this case, although it is assumed that punishment is possible as soon as the driver's identity is confirmed.

Police added that citizens often film and report illegal drivers, but it is difficult to punish them if they cannot find out.

Meanwhile, the video was deleted after the police investigation started and the problem was pointed out.

(Photo = Provided by informant A, Instagram capture, Yonhap News)