Jeonbuk National Police Agency Commissioner Lee Hyeong-se said, "We will do our best to recover the damage."

Commissioner Lee said at a press conference on the same day, "It is true that we suffered damage from a citizen's point of view."

He explained, "Of course, anyone would be angry (at the police officer's exercise of force)," he said.

He added, "I hope that the victims will overcome their psychological pain and return to their daily lives."

However, regarding the disposition of a police officer who misunderstood an innocent citizen as a suspect and assaulted him, "the victim said that he would file a complaint, but if it becomes a case, there will be time to legally confirm it."

The incident occurred in April last year while police officers belonging to the Wanju Police Station were pursuing a foreign suspect in a violent crime at Busan Station.

These police officers did not respond to identification, kicked A (32), who fell while walking, and assaulted her, such as pressing her neck with her knees.

An electroshock weapon was also used to subdue Mr. A, who was struggling while lying down.

The Jeonbuk National Police Agency did not comment on the incident until the media reported it, but later said, "We will keep all possibilities open and look into it."