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The behavior of a driver after he collided with an elderly man in his 70s on the road is outraged.


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A road in Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 10th.

A light vehicle collides with a pedestrian while making a left turn.

Reporter A, who revealed that he was the victim's son, said, "The vehicle that was hit did not turn on the blinker and turn the steering wheel toward the mother without stepping on the brake."

What made Mr. A more angry was the attitude of the driver.

This is because the driver who got out of the car immediately after the accident did not check the extent of the victim's injury and first checked the front bumper for scratches on his vehicle.

Person A added, "My mother received 6 weeks of dislocation due to a concussion on her ankle and calf bone fractures."

Netizens said, "The driver must have his own parents...

Please change your mind!”, “This is a driver you never want to run into.

Did you ever think it was an insurance scam?”

(Screen source: YouTube Han Moon-cheol TV)