Today (18th), while the cold wave was raging, the road was frozen solid with the snow that fell yesterday.

In particular, elderly people should be especially careful because hip fractures caused by hitting the hip wheel can lead to death.

According to the medical community, winter fractures are mainly caused by falls on icy roads.

Accidents like this are frequent due to poor agility due to wearing thick coats in the cold.

Elderly people with low bone density may fracture the hip joint, which connects the pelvis and thigh bone, which is the femur, even with a light hip wheel, and in this case, death is not uncommon.

Hip fractures not only cause immediate pain and gait disturbances, but also promote senescence while reducing overall body functions.

When a hip fracture occurs, you have to lie down in bed until you can walk normally. At this time, complications such as pneumonia, bedsores, and urinary tract infections are high.

In addition, if you lie down for a long time, blood circulation is not smooth, so blood clots and clots form, which can lead to high-risk diseases such as heart attack or stroke.

In a domestic study, it is reported that 17.4% of patients over 50 years of age with hip fractures due to osteoporosis die within 1 year of the first fracture.

In particular, elderly people sometimes miss the treatment time because they lie down without telling their family members even though they have hit their buttocks and have pain in the hip joint.

Professor Kim Deok-ho of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Nowon Eulji University Hospital emphasized, "For the elderly, it is important to visit the emergency medical center promptly, even for a slight fall, to check for fractures."

As fractures due to falls can cause various complications, it is of utmost importance for the elderly to prevent falls.

When the road is frozen, it is recommended to refrain from going out as much as possible.

If you must go out, a cane may be helpful.

It is safer to keep your stride length narrow and walk slowly.

Shoes should be low-heeled and wide, with non-slip soles.

It is forbidden to walk with your hands in the pockets of your coat or trousers.

Putting your hands in your pockets makes it easy to lose your balance and can cause serious injury when you fall.

If your hands are cold, you should wear gloves so you can move your hands freely.

(Photo = Yonhap News)