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Men in their 30s who threatened a middle school girl who got to know them through social media and received body pictures were sentenced to probation. 

The Daegu District Court's Pohang Branch 1st Criminal Division (Chief Judge Kwon Soon-hyang) sentenced 33-year-old A and B who were charged with receiving pictures and videos of body parts by threatening a 13-year-old middle school student with 2 years in prison and 4 years of probation, respectively. The sentencing was announced today (18th). 

The court ordered them to take 40 hours of sexual violence treatment lectures, child abuse prevention lectures and 160 hours of community service, and restricted employment for disabled people and child-related organizations for 5 years. 

A and B were handed over to trial on charges of receiving additional body photos and videos by threatening to disclose their photos and personal information to schools after receiving nude photos through mobile chatting from the victims they knew through SNS on December 9 last year. lost 

The court said, "The guilt is heavy in light of the fact that the victim is only a 13-year-old child and that the defendants persistently forced the victim to send pictures of body parts for a considerable amount of time. We considered the fact that it was not leaked and that the victim was forgiven," he explained. 

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