On the 6th, we obtained a radio transcript of the firefighting incident at the construction site of the Pyeongtaek Refrigerated Logistics Warehouse, where three firefighters died while carrying out rescue activities.

The fire department radio communication records obtained by SBS through the office of Rep. Baek Hye-ryun of the Democratic Party of Korea showed that three firefighters were put into rescue operations and were isolated.

On January 6th, when a big fire was caught in a frozen warehouse in Pyeongtaek, the 3 rescue teams of the Songtan Fire Department, which included the three who died around 8:30 am, were put on the second floor of the warehouse.

08:26 am Volunteer waiting area Here, Songtan Rescue Team 3 Team Leader (Fresh Fire Police Officer Lee Hyung-seok) 08:28

am 1st floor rescuers extinguished the fire.

At about 8:32, the command of the Songtan Fire Department ordered the 3rd Rescue Team to search for people additionally.

8:32 a.m. Ah, the 3rd rescue team leader, the 3rd team leader.

Please conduct an additional search for people on the second floor in the back, around the second floor.

As of 8:32 am, I have to extend the water pipe and change the container, and now the water pipe extension is still not working.

At 9:01, the Rescue Team 3 left a radio saying they were going to the scene and did not appear on the radio again.

9:01 am Rescue 3, 4 I'm going to the scene right now.

At 9:07, the command of the Songtan Fire Department orders the rescue team to evacuate as the fire grows again.

At 9:07 a.m., the power of the Songtan Rescue was withdrawn.

Withdraw the sabotage structure.

9:10 a.m. Songtan rescue emergency escape.

emergency evacuation.

At 9:12 am, the three people at the scene have not been able to get out and are aware that they are isolated.

At 9:12 a.m., two Songtan Rescue Team members escaped on their own, and three seem to be isolated at the scene.

9:15 am Songtan Rescue Team Leader Lee Hyung-seok and 2 others, sinking.

I think I was isolated on the spot.

The bereaved family of firefighters killed in the accident pointed out that the light line (luminescent cable) was not used when they were put into the rescue operation.

The fire-fighting radio shows a radio telling you to take the light line only when you are searching for three people who are already isolated.

9:35 a.m. Bring a light line for the Seotan pump.

Bring a lightline.

The Fire Department has replied that the water pipe acts as a guide to the rescue team, but it is unclear whether it would have been possible for the rescue team to find the way out without a light line in the black smoke.

After the fatal accident, the Fire Department explained to the bereaved families that the rescue team is using a 'smart lifesaving device' and that if there is no movement for 30 seconds, a 'Man down' signal will come, and they will do the rescue by keeping safety. There is a bar.

However, the radio transcript at the time reveals a situation where the smart lifesaving device does not seem to be working properly.

9:36 a.m. In the system, OO Choi, the head of the kidney center, the man down status is confirmed. Please confirm.

9:44 a.m. Choi OO's smart lifesaving device appeared, is it confirmed?

9:44 am Team OO Choi is at the scene.

Call one kidney.

At the time of confusion due to the 'man-down' signal for the uninfected crew, the radio also included a torrent saying, "An alarm keeps coming out".

At 10:13 a.m., Choi OO says nothing is wrong and the system is showing normally, but the smart alarm keeps giving an error.

As of 10:14 am, the Songtan Fire Department Rescue Team has all 00 man-down occurrences, a man-down occurrence.

In the smart lifesaving system, a 'man down' signal was given to Choi and former crew members who were dispatched to the scene and had no problems, but it seems that they did not catch the actual 'man down' of the three rescuers who were isolated before. .

As three firefighters died in the Pyeongtaek fire accident, there is a voice that it is urgent to prepare institutional devices and equipment to ensure the safety of firefighters in firefighting activities.

The fire union called for measures to improve treatment and secure safety, saying, "We are not fire extinguishers."

▶ Full text transcript of firefighting radio communications