Invented in 1992 by Neal Stephenson in his novel,

The Virtual Samurai

, the Metavers is now attracting more interest from real estate investors than ever before. A fictional world accessible in virtual reality, presented by some as the future of the Internet, the Metavers constitutes a “potential financial windfall” for tech entrepreneurs, as our colleagues from BFM Immo report on Sunday.

Large-scale financial operations have in fact multiplied recently.

In December 2021, a shopping center was thus sold for more than 4.3 million dollars to the Republic Realm company in the Metavers The Sandbox, as recalled by

Les Échos


Shortly before, virtual land was sold for more than $2 million in Decentraland's virtual universe.

The Metavers, a means of communication?

Why perform such virtual operations?

“We take advantage of locations to put advertisements there”, answers Christophe Capelli, CEO of the real estate developer Capelli, interviewed at the end of December by our colleagues from BFM Business.

According to him, brands will gradually create virtual shops to generate income, while facilitating the visibility and therefore the promotion of neighboring brands.

As in the real world, these real estate transactions using cryptocurrencies would, if they are profitable, make it possible to make capital gains while communicating with a targeted audience.

An investment in the future, therefore, even if the evolution of virtual real estate prices remains difficult to anticipate.

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