The search operation continued for a week at the site of the collapse of the Gwangju apartment, but there is no news of the rescue of the five missing people. The search for high-rise areas is unprecedented and it is difficult to ensure safety, making preparations difficult.

Correspondent Ahn Hee-jae.

<Reporter> The on-

site search operation continued for more than 12 hours until late in the evening of yesterday (17th).

Although we finished removing the debris on the first basement and first floor where the missing person was first found, the five missing workers were not found.

Authorities plan to search the high-rise area of ​​the collapsed apartment where they are believed to be.

The problem is that with the tower crane tilted and unstable, the search itself for the 22nd floor or higher of an apartment building is an unprecedented task.

As a result of two meetings yesterday between building structure and demolition experts, it was determined that safety measures were prioritized prior to the search.

It was decided to prepare a floor plan to clarify the extent of the collapse and come up with a safety reinforcement method for each floor, but the high-rise search method did not come to a conclusion.

The families of the missing person said they did not want to make another sacrifice due to unreasonable rescue operations, and urged the government, not Hyundai Development Company, who was responsible for the accident, to lead the search operation.

Police investigations to determine the cause of the collapse are also accelerating.

The police booked nine additional safety management and supervision officers, including the head of Hyundai Industrial Development's construction department, and seized and searched 10 ready-mixed concrete companies to check whether there were any problems with the delivered concrete.