Twenty-five Teslas.

This is the number of electric vehicles of the American brand that a 19-year-old young man claims to have fraudulently checked.

The hacker touted his exploits in 13 different countries on Twitter.

He thus claims to have found a flaw in the software provided by Tesla, explains



David Colombo, that's his name, indicates without however specifying how he proceeds, to have been able to open the doors and windows remotely.

He would also have managed to start the electric vehicle and deactivate all the security systems.

Among the range of actions he could still have done: turn up the volume of the music, turn on the lights and find out if the driver is installed in his vehicle, specifies the specialized site.

Nevertheless I now can remotely run commands on 25+ Tesla's in 13 countries without the owners knowledge.

Regarding what I'm able to do with these Tesla's now.

This includes disabling Sentry Mode, opening the doors/windows and even starting Keyless Driving.


— David Colombo (@david_colombo_) January 11, 2022

Tesla teams are warned

The young hacker said on Twitter that he had warned Tesla.

He would work closely with the automaker's teams to close the security breach.

One can imagine the repercussions that this could have if other malicious individuals managed to achieve the same exploits.

Tesla is a target for hackers.

In May 2021, two engineers managed to hack a Tesla Model X using a drone, recalls



Without taking control of the car, they were able to unlock the doors and change the position of the seats.


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