Today (14th), the number of new corona cases is expected to be around 4,000. The medical system is also seeking stability, but the number of Omicron patients is also rapidly increasing in Korea. Considering these points, the government is planning to announce a plan to adjust the distance today, but the most likely option is to keep the business limit until 9 pm as it is now, but increase the number of people allowed to 6 people.

By Son Hyeong-an, staff reporter.


The number of confirmed cases imported from overseas stood at 391, a record high.

There were 265 confirmed cases from the United States alone, and nearly 50 of them were attendees at CES, an electronics show held in the United States last week.

The number of confirmed cases attending CES has risen to 119.

Recently, as the detection rate of Omicron in the United States has reached 98.3%, it is estimated that most of them are infected with Omicron.

The quarantine authorities requested that CES participants work from home for 10 days even if the test result was negative.

Also, starting on the 20th, all inbound travelers must take the quarantine bus, quarantine train, or quarantine taxi when exiting the airport.

We will prevent further transmission through public transportation, but your own vehicle is allowed.

The number of new infections a day was maintained at 4,000 for two days in a row, and quarantine authorities predicted that Omicron's share would exceed 50% in the next one or two weeks and then explode like foreign countries.

[Kim Ki-Nam / Head of Vaccination Planning Division, Vaccination Promotion Division: (Japan) Recently, in just one week, the number increased 16-fold from 516 on January 3 to 8,144 on January 10.

Omicron's prevalence is considered to be the biggest reason.]

The government today announced that social distancing, which ends this week, will be extended by three more weeks, including the Lunar New Year holiday, until the 6th of next month.

The limit of restaurants and cafes to 9 p.m. will remain, but the number of private people is expected to increase from 4 to 6 people.

The government also said that the quarantine pass adjustment plan will be decided after observing the final judgment of the court.