The conflict between community safety and individual basic rights is becoming more visible in Korea than in the past as the courts have decided to suspend the quarantine pass for private academies and reading rooms. However, the government is of the view that a quarantine pass is essential for daily recovery. However, in the future, we decided to review the plan to expand the exceptions to the quarantine pass.

This is reporter Jeong Da-eun.

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quarantine authorities immediately submitted an appeal to the court, repeatedly emphasizing the inevitability of the quarantine pass.

[Sohn Young-rae/Chief of Social Strategy Team, Central Accident Resolving Headquarters: First, it is to protect unvaccinated persons who are at high risk of serious death by minimizing infection, while secondly, it is to reduce consumption of the medical system by these people to secure room for recovery and to continue daily recovery. .]

In addition, the court pointed out that it is an unreasonable evaluation to compare the infection rates of those who have not been vaccinated and those who have completed vaccination in a specific week of last month.

Overall, the unvaccinated people were 2.4 times more likely to be confirmed, 5 times more severely ill, and 4 times more likely to die than those who were vaccinated.

It is decided to revive the density limit, such as floating one person per 4 square meters, in educational facilities such as academies where the quarantine pass is released immediately.

I opposed the expansion of the quarantine pass controversy to other industries.

He said that there is no change in the schedule for expanding the quarantine pass to department stores and large marts from next week.

Regarding the claim that it is a violation of fundamental rights under the Constitution, he refuted that the restriction on basic rights was minimized by applying exceptions to PCR-negative persons and those unable to be vaccinated.

However, we have decided to come up with a plan to expand the number of exceptions to the quarantine pass.

The youth quarantine pass, which will be implemented from March, may vary depending on the result of the verdict.

The Ministry of Education has decided to continue to encourage youth vaccination, regardless of court decisions.

[Eun-hye Yoo/Minister of Education: We recommend that students vaccinate themselves for their own safety, and the government will actively explain the preventive effect of the vaccine to students and parents and seek cooperation.]

In addition, in case of serious adverse reactions in children under the age of 18, medical expenses are lower than adults. He said he was working on ways to provide more support.