The second trial will be held today (24th) between Dong-gyu Yoo, the former head of the planning division of Seongnam Urban Development Corporation and those related to Hwacheon Daeyu, who were accused of lobbying and preferential treatment in Daejang-dong.

The 22nd Criminal Settlement Division of the Seoul Central District Court will hold the second trial preparation date at 10:00 am today with Yoo, former general manager, Kim Man-bae, a major shareholder of Hwacheon Daeyu, Nam Wook, and accountant Jeong Young-hak.

There is no obligation for the accused to appear on the trial date, so the parties are not obligated to appear in court.

On the first trial preparation date held on the 6th, only the former general manager Yoo, who was being tried and detained, appeared in a shroud.

At the time of the first trial, only Accountant Jeong, who had cooperated with the prosecution investigation by providing transcripts of persons related to the suspicion of Jangdong-dong, admitted the charges.

The remaining defendants reserved their position on the charges, saying that they had not yet fully reviewed the investigation records because they were unable to read or copy them.

In today's trial, the key is what the rest of the defendants will reveal on the facts of the charges.

Former general manager Yoo is accused of colluding with Mr. Kim to drive at least 65.1 billion won in housing land development dividend profits and at least 117.6 billion won in implementation profits to Hwacheon Daeyu, and inflict damage to Seongnam Urban Development Corporation.

In the process, he is also accused of accepting bribes of 500 million won from Mr. Kim and 325 million won from lawyer Nam and accountant Jeong, and promising to receive 70 billion won of profits from the Daejang-dong development project.

In the midst of this, the court assigned attorney Min-yong Jeong, a key figure in the recently indicted case, to the same courts as former General Manager Yoo.

Attorney Jung is accused of colluding with four people in Daejang-dong, including former general manager Yoo, to devise a business so that at least 182.7 billion won in profit goes to Hwacheon Daeyu and Cheonhwa-dongin No. .