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death toll continues to rise along with the recent corona virus. However, in many cases, even family members cannot celebrate the death of the deceased due to concerns about infection.

Reporter Park Chan-beom covered the scene.

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bereaved family wears a white protective suit over a black mourning suit.

This is the last way to see off the deceased.

Gloves and a face shield must also be worn.

[Lee Young-ha / Bereaved family of the corona deceased: I saw the (deceased) after he died on CCTV. It's because of the corona virus, but if there are a lot of people and it's crowded, that's understandable to some extent.]

Bereaved families have to start cremation and hold a funeral according to the quarantine guidelines.

Visits to the nursing home were limited, so he could not keep his deathbed.

[Kim Ye-soon/Families of Corona Death: Visits are only seen through our video and video, so I haven't seen my mother properly for 2 years.] Make-

up is not for corona patients, but after all regular make-up schedules are over, and the number of admission is limited. It's possible.

[Lee Sang-geun / Incheon Municipal Sublimation Center Team Leader: The bereaved family wears only two quarantine suits and sees them off until the end, and the rest walk away… .]

All you have to do is watch the other family members from a distance.

[Information fortune / Corona deceased family members: picked, go granny back a long time, I want to go in a way that you see you tolerable ahswipjyo because not that many]

Corona 19 When day death toll is approaching 100 people facilities here in this body who died in Corona 20 daily As they approached the ward, the procession of lorries continued until late at night.

[Agent Ungu: I think it has been like that since last week, Gyeonggi-do now.

Gyeonggi-do is still a bit behind now.

As for Seoul...


There are bereaved families who rushed to the crematorium as the deceased was diagnosed with the virus while setting up the mortuary.

[Daeyoung Cho / Family members of the corona deceased: We went to the funeral together and now we are quarantined for Corona, and we do not receive mourning guests properly to the bereaved family…

.] For

the dignity of the deceased and the condolences of the bereaved family, the quarantine authorities said they would prepare a revised guideline to allow 'post-burial cremation' while preventing infection.

(Video coverage: Kim Hyun-sang, video editing: Kim Jun-hee, CG: Kang Yu-ra)