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government has decided to stop the gradual recovery of daily life and strengthen social distancing. Starting tomorrow (18th), up to 4 people can gather, and business hours for multi-use facilities such as restaurants and cafes are also limited.

Reporter Kim Deok-hyun reports.

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measures to strengthen quarantine will start at 00:00 tomorrow and apply for 16 days until the 2nd of the next month.

First of all, private gatherings are limited to 4 people.

There were 6 people in the metropolitan area and 8 people in the non-metropolitan area, but the same applies regardless of region.

Business hours for multi-use facilities will also be reduced again.

Entertainment facilities, restaurants, cafes, gyms, and karaoke bars must close at 9pm.

Movie theaters, performance halls, and PC rooms are open until 10pm.

Civil service exam preparation academies for adults and various lifelong education academies are also applicable.

In consideration of the entrance exam season, youth academies were allowed to operate 24 hours a day.

In principle, performances or sports events with more than 300 people are prohibited, and the quarantine pass is applied to exhibitions, fairs, and international conferences with more than 50 people.

Additional measures to strengthen quarantine for religious facilities will be announced today.

President Moon Jae-in, who said at the end of last month, that there is no setback to return to normal life, apologized.

[Park Gyeong-mi / Blue House Spokesperson: We were unable to suppress the increase in patients with severe cases, and preparations such as securing a bed were not sufficient.

I am sorry to the people for reinforcing quarantine measures.] The

government emphasized that it is time for reorganization to resume normal recovery.

The government also announced that the effective date of the quarantine pass will be delayed by two weeks from the 20th to the 3rd of the next month.