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stock market, so-called 'operations' to artificially raise stock prices together with external forces are strictly prohibited by law. However, coin price manipulation performed in a similar way is in a state where there is neither an institution to monitor nor a law to regulate.

Next is reporter Han Seong-hee.


Mr. A said this about the price of cryptocurrency issued by the company he is the representative of.

[Mr. A (January 2, 2021): Because I talk like 'Let's just raise up to 30 won in a single hit and subtract it'. They (outside team) explained it. “There is a risk if you spend that much money to raise it that much,” he said. They are experts who only look at charts and hit single shots.] Experts

say that it looks like a typical price manipulation mock remark.

[Lee Byung-wook/Professor, Seoul National University of Science and Technology: This is the part that talks about how much to raise and its possibility. We are talking about price manipulation because we are discussing that it will affect the price that is formed in the market. The same person creates multiple accounts and raises the price by buying and selling (that is.)]

If you artificially raise and lower the stock price in this way, you will be punished for violating the Capital Market Act, etc. there is none.

As a result, the industry has even spread the perception that coin price manipulation is “a loss if not done”.

There have even been companies that call a 10 million won fee to raise the coin price.

[Market Manipulation Consulting Company (May 10, 8 News): They are all looking for the MM (Market Manipulation) team.

I gave 500 million won, but he made 20 billion won and 30 billion won.

won't you?

It's a once in a lifetime opportunity...


Taking advantage of the gap in the system, someone makes a lot of money, but individual investors lose money without even knowing the English language.

[Lee Byung-wook/Professor, Seoul National University of Science and Technology: Even if the coin price is manipulated, the Capital Market Act cannot be applied anymore, so now it is the only one charged with fraud.

However, there are many parts to prove whether this is fraudulent, so in many cases, it is now acquitted.] The

movement to create a system to prevent unfair trade in virtual currency and protect investors is at a stand still.

Several bills for institutionalization have been proposed to the National Assembly, but they have not yet crossed the threshold of the standing committee amid opposition and indifference from the virtual currency-related industry.

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Coin's representative price manipulation suspicion