Chinanews, Beijing, December 15th (Reporter Wu Tao) The end of the year is approaching, what are the emotional moments and unforgettable words that can represent your 2021?

  Recently, the Internet Information Research Institute of Communication University of China and Quark App jointly released the "Global Research Report on China's Generation Z Intelligent Information", which shows that the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, the Olympic Games, China Aerospace, young people preparing for examinations, breaking prevention, YYDS, vaccination, national anti-fraud, National style and national trend...These keywords are the annual memories of thousands of young people.

The "Global Research Report on China's Generation Z Intelligent Information" releases annual keywords.

  Taking "youth preparing for exams" as an example, statistics show that in 2021, 2.12 million people applied for the National Civil Service Examination, 4.62 million people applied for the postgraduate entrance examination, and 710,000 people applied for the legal professional qualification examination, all setting new records.

Level 4 and 6 exams, teacher qualification exams, etc. are also frequently listed in hot searches.

  Actively preparing for exams, "youth preparing for exams" has become a phenomenon-level annual topic crowd.

According to the report, young people preparing for exams in a narrow sense refer to students and young professionals who are preparing for exams, while in a broad sense they refer to young people who are positive, chasing dreams, breaking through themselves, and earnestly meeting various life challenges.

  Cao Sansheng, deputy dean of the Internet Information Research Institute of Communication University of China, believes that the formation of young people preparing for exams has the background of the current era. "Exam" is a way and channel for young people to verify their knowledge and skills, advance their academic qualifications, and open up new areas of scientific research and the workplace. It supports the interaction of young people with this world.

  There is also the topic of national anti-fraud. The Quark App monitoring data shows that the amount of knowledge content such as "common types of telecommunications network fraud", "how to recover funds lost in telecommunications fraud", and "standards for telecommunications fraud cases" has been shared over ten million times.

  At the same time, the patriotism of the country represents the consumption choices and aesthetic attitudes of young people.

Wonderful tour programs, Sanxingdui cultural relics, Hanfu, Chinese time-honored brands, traditional festivals, national tide brands and other content frequently appear in the hot search.

“Young people are not only practitioners of social events, but also promoters of influencing others, conveying social temperature and positive energy, and demonstrating a kind of cultural self-confidence.” Cao Sansheng said.

  In addition, Internet buzzwords such as breaking defense and YYDS also carry the abundant emotions and attitudes of young people.

Are these talking about you?