A suspect in his 40s in the 'Incheon inter-floor noise and weapon riot' was handed over to trial under detention.

The Incheon District Prosecutor's Office recently arrested and indicted 48-year-old A on charges of attempted murder.

Previously, the prosecution extended the arrest period once after receiving A's transfer from the police on the 24th of last month and conducted a reinforcement investigation for 20 days.

The prosecution dropped the charge of violating the Act on the Punishment of Special Injuries and Stalking Crimes (Stalking Punishment Act) from among the crimes applied by the police at the time of transfer.

The prosecution decided that the special injury was included in the attempted murder charge, and in relation to Mr. A's violation of the Stalking Punishment Act, it is known that the crime was committed in September, before the law came into force on October 21, so it is known that the prosecution had not been prosecuted.

Person A is accused of trying to kill or injure three members of the family, including a woman in her 40s and her daughter in her 20s, at around 5:05 pm on the 15th of last month at a villa in Namdong-gu, Incheon.

Person B was stabbed in the neck with a weapon wielded by Person A, and lost consciousness and underwent surgery for a cerebral infarction.

His husband and daughter were also injured in the face and hands.

Mr. A moved to the 4th floor of this villa 2 to 3 months before the incident, and had a conflict with Mr. B's family living on the 3rd floor due to noise between floors.

At the police station, Mr. A claimed, "I heard noises from downstairs and it was noisy, so I usually protested and had a bad feeling."

Two police officers dispatched to the villa at the time of the incident were recently dismissed for poor response.

(Photo = Yonhap News)