Microsoft accused of exploiting its dominant position in the operating systems market to promote OneDrive, Teams and other integrated services on Windows 10 and Windows 11. This is what criticizes the group of 30 European software and software companies. cloud services that have filed a complaint with the European Commission and the German competition authority

The coalition is called “Coalition for a level playing field”.

“It's very similar to what Microsoft has done to its competitors in the browser market, blocking innovation for more than a decade,” said Frank Karlitschek, CEO and Founder of Nextcloud, head of the coalition .

“Copy an innovative product, integrate it with your dominant product and destroy the competition, then stop innovating.


For fairer rules

The companies are asking the European Commission to ensure a fair balance for all market players and to ensure that Microsoft does not use its dominant position in the operating systems market to ward off competition in other sectors.

The coalition also claims that Microsoft's anti-competitive behavior is harming consumers: “Microsoft is increasingly integrating Microsoft 365 into its service portfolio. OneDrive is pushed every time users have to manage files to store and Teams is a program pre-installed on Windows 11. This makes it virtually impossible to compete with their SaaS (Editor's note: Software-as-a-Service). "

Concretely, the coalition asks the Directorate-General for Competition of the European Commission to prevent this type of behavior which it considers to be abusive and to keep the market competitive and fair for all competitors.

She also calls for Microsoft to provide more support for open standards and interoperability so that users can freely choose which services they want to use.

Finally, Frank Karlitschek said: “Together with the other members of the coalition, we call on the antitrust authorities in Europe to set a level playing field, giving customers a free choice and giving competition a fair chance.



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