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result of grading this year's CSAT, it turned out that the test was quite difficult, with only one person with perfect scores in all subjects. In particular, even though it was the first integrated literacy and science test, the education authorities did not disclose detailed information.

Next is reporter Kim Kyung-hee.


[Soomin Wi/Chairman of Curriculum and Evaluation Institute (last month, 18th): I would like to say that we tried to maintain the standard of the previous year (I will tell you again)]

However, the scoring result was 'impossible'.

The standard score, which shows the difference between an examinee's raw score and the average grade, is that the higher the highest score, the more difficult the test.

The standard score was higher than last year's CSAT, which was said to be very difficult, and it was recorded as the second most difficult test in history, with only 28 people with perfect scores.

In mathematics, the highest standard score jumped 10 points from last year.

In English, which is an absolute evaluation, the rate of 1st grade was 6.25%, which was halved from last year.

There was only one graduate who had perfect marks in all subjects.

[Gangtaejung / Korea Institute of Curriculum and Evaluation Director (-authored are) expected that as students experience it (flowerbed) needs to us are worried a little bit more for a little different is that you -

the first time the door - a science integrated in chireojin year's SAT Although the Korean language and mathematics electives were of the greatest concern, the evaluation service did not disclose relevant information.

That is why it is not helpful educationally or socially.

It is frustrating as an examinee whose standard score for Korean and math varies depending on the elective subjects.

[Imseongho / ga School representatives: whether to write how to predict application scheduled Support Guide at the school do not know exactly what the students score position of the state at any university, hers not at all (the data is)

not disclose proper information of the Assessor Students and parents are increasingly dissatisfied with the irresponsible attitude.

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