▲ Amy, who appeared in court in 2014 on drug charges

Broadcaster Amy (real name Lee Yoon-ji, 39), who was forcibly deported for drug use and then arrested for using drugs again after entering Korea, completely denied the charges at the first trial.

Chuncheon District Court Wonju Branch Criminal Division 1 (Chief Judge Shin Gyo-shik) held the first trial of Amy and her accomplice Oh (36) on charges of violating the Narcotics Management Act (Hyangjeong) today (9th).

Prosecutors announced the indictment against Amy, saying, "I took methamphetamine 6 times from the end of last April to the end of August."

However, Amy denied the allegations, saying it was "involuntarily held in custody."

I only partially agreed with the evidence submitted by the prosecution, and did not agree with some of the statements of accomplice Oh and the results of the simple drug test.

On the other hand, Oh admitted not only drug use charges but also multiple fraud charges committed alone.

All of the evidence submitted by the prosecution also agreed, and the decision was made directly for Mr. Oh.

Prosecutors demanded a three-year prison sentence, saying, "I bought and used drugs several times, and even though I was punished 14 times for fraud, I committed fraud against many victims."

The court decided to designate the sentencing date for Mr. Oh's case at a later date, and decided to proceed with the case of Amy.

As Amy's side did not consent to the evidence, the prosecution applied for two witnesses, including Oh, to prove the charges.

Amy, a U.S. citizen, was arrested twice after being punished for taking propofol in 2012 and zolpidem in 2014, but after entering Korea in January of this year, she got into drugs again and was arrested by the police.

(Photo = Yonhap News)