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a high school in Seoul, a report was received that several students gang-harassed a student with a disability. It seems that the police will soon summon and investigate the perpetrators.

This is an exclusive report by reporter Han Seong-hee.

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report was received by the police the day (7th) that a student with a disability attending a high school in Seoul was molested and assaulted by students from the same school.

It is the content of "5 students summoned the victim separately, molested a specific body part, and even assaulted him in the process."

According to the report, the harassment and assault against the victim student continued at least four times since the reversal of about a month ago.

The police, who started the investigation, are conducting detailed analysis by securing CCTV in the school that can identify the movement of the victim.

In the process, it is known that some perpetrators, including students in the same class as the victim student, have been identified.

[School official: I did it on the day when the (victim) separation was reported. Some of my friends were in the same class, so I just separated them.]

If the allegations are confirmed in the police investigation, you will be punished more severely than in molestation and assault cases against ordinary students.

This is because habitual crimes against persons with disabilities are punished up to twice as much.

The sentencing standards that judges refer to when determining the sentence itself are different.

[Kim Min-ho / Attorney: In the case of sexual assault crimes targeting the disabled, the basic recommendation sentence is set from 2 years and 6 months to 5 years.

(Compared to general sexual harassment) It is almost double the number…

.] As

soon as the identification is complete, the police plan to summon the students in turn to investigate.

(Video coverage: Yang Hyun-cheol, video editing: Lee Seung-hee)