There is one thing that caused controversy that there was an error in the question in this year's SAT. Tomorrow (10th) ahead of the grade notification, the court told me to postpone the decision on how many times to answer the question. If the existing answers are maintained, the damage to the students can be great.

Reporter Han So-hee will tell you the details.

<Reporter> The

question that caused the controversy over errors in the entrance exam is Life Science 2 #20.

It was a matter of solving the formula based on the laws related to heredity according to the fingerprint and determining the authenticity of the choice.

The test takers filed an application for suspension of execution to suspend the effect of the correct answer, saying that if the number of objects was less than 0 when solving according to the fingerprint, it was an error, and the court accepted it.

[Shin Dong-wook/Student: I kept thinking that it was my calculation mistake, so I counted and calculated again and again, and then I spent more than 10 minutes on this one problem… .] The

court explained that the urgent need to suspend the effect was recognized, saying that if the existing answer is accepted as it is, the examinees may incur irreparable damage.

Accordingly, the effect of the correct answer will be suspended until the verdict of the first trial on the merits determines the validity of this issue.

There is also a change in the notification of the test scores scheduled for tomorrow (10th).

Although transcripts are issued to all examinees, students who have taken the Life Science 2 course will receive blank grades for this course.

6,515, or 1.5% of the total number of applicants.

In addition, if the judgment on the merits of the lawsuit is delayed and it is expected to exceed the 30th, the start date of the on-time application for college admissions, adjustments to the overall college admission schedule are inevitable.

The Ministry of Education is first requesting that the trial be expedited, and is in the position to discuss the future schedule with the Korea University Education Council.

The first hearing of the main lawsuit is tomorrow, and to minimize confusion, there are also observations that the hearing can be concluded with a one-day hearing and the sentencing date can be set.

(Video coverage: Seo Jin-ho, video editing: Kim Jun-hee)

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