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regard to the alleged leak of the indictment of the Seoul High Prosecutor's Office, Seong-yoon Lee, the Supreme Prosecutor's Office has confirmed 22 people who accessed the indictment by accessing the internal network. This included a high-ranking prosecutor who was close to the chief prosecutor, and it was also confirmed that the prosecutor did not just look into the indictment. 

Correspondent Ahn Hee-jae.


Lee Seong-yoon, chief of the Seoul High Prosecutors' Office, was handed over to trial on charges of blocking the investigation into the illegal departure ban case of former vice minister Kim Hak-eui. 

He was indicted on May 12, but the next day, the edited version of the indictment, which had not even been served to the chief prosecutor, was leaked to the outside. 

Immediately, the investigation team that indicted this high prosecutor was suspected, and the Supreme Prosecutor's Inspection Department started an investigation. 

The Inspection Department identified people who logged in for about a day from the time the investigation team first uploaded the indictment to Kicks, that is, the criminal justice information system, until the leak. 

There were 22 people in all. 

This included Prosecutor A, who was a close aide when Lee was the chief of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office. 

Prosecutor A is said to have engaged in other acts than simply accessing the indictment. 

It has not been confirmed whether it is a document file or a photo file, but the Supreme Prosecutor's Inspection Department said

that the media report that


document file

containing the contents of the indictment

was found on the

PC of Prosecutor A 

and not reported to the Ministry of Justice was groundless.

The Suwon District Prosecutor's Office, which has been under investigation by the Supreme Prosecutors' Office for 7 months, requested information disclosure to disclose the fact-finding report of the Supreme Prosecutor's Office, even though it was not included in the 22 people who were initially found to have accessed the indictment. 

The investigation of the Airborne Service, which was sluggish without a forced investigation, also came to the fore. 

In the case of the leak of the indictment, the Airborne Service, which has already seized and searched the Supreme Prosecutor's Inspection Department several times in cases such as suspicion of indictment, is delaying the search and seizure by the Inspection Department, giving rise to several interpretations based on the background.

(Video editing: Wonhee Won)