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end of last year, ahead of the teacher appointment exam, several examinees contracted Corona at an academy in Noryangjin. So, at that time, the government did not allow confirmed persons to see the recruitment examination, but a judgment was made to compensate the students, saying that this was a limitation on basic rights under the Constitution. 

Reporter Park Chan-geun reported.


[Jin Kwak / Head of Patient Management Team, Central Quarantine Countermeasures Headquarters (November of last year): 66 of the current students are confirmed cases, and these are subject to application restrictions.] One of

these 66 people, 30-year-old Mo Kim, last year , I was diagnosed with Corona 19 two days before the first examination of the secondary school recruitment examination.

As the Ministry of Education did not allow the test for confirmed patients, Kim had to give up the test, which had been hanging for a full year.

[Mr. Kim / Candidate for the Secondary Recruitment Test last year: Tears flowed from my eyes without me knowing because I lost the opportunity.] In a

lawsuit against the state, 44 people like Mr. The judge ordered that each student be compensated 10 million won.

The court explained the reason for the ruling, saying, "If you lose the chance to take the test because you are a confirmed person, even though you can take the test in an isolated place, the constitutional opportunity to take office in public office may be unduly limited."

This is the first case in which an examinee who was unable to take the exam due to the corona virus won a lawsuit against the state for damages.

[Attorney on the side of the applicant/student: (Last January) Regarding the part that the Constitutional Court made it possible for corona 19 confirmed patients to take the bar exam, we actively cited that part.]

This judgment is in the private sector. It seems that it will affect the test criteria for confirmed patients in various tests.

[Yoo Seon-kyung / Lawyer: In August of this year, a confirmed person could not take the pit (college of pharmacy exam) (there was a case). If you apply for damage relief while citing this ruling, wouldn’t the likelihood of being cited be much higher than before…


This year, several universities have restricted confirmed patients from participating in the written examination and practical interview, but changes are inevitable.

(Video coverage: Seo Jin-ho, Video editing: Hwang Ji-young, CG: Jang Seong-beom)