The damned virus is changing the way we work. And the relationship with the customer. In the past, people simply walked into a bank, a company or an authority and were served by an employee in a more friendly or indifferent manner, but today there is no entry. Write us an email, it is often said. Or: call our hotline. The one like the other leads to annoyance more often than in the past, eternal waiting loops and missing answers seem to have become more rule than exception. So it happens that the do-it-yourselfer wants to replace a light strip that illuminates the worktop in the kitchen, at least if it is functional. Quickly entered “Hera LED Stick 2” in the internet search and took the first address,, never heard of it, as usual.Quickly type in the order, it should be five bars, the invoice amount transferred by credit card, done, continue working.

Then the shock: Your own bar has two contacts at the end, which on the Internet looks like it has a different power supply.

So mail to Internet nirvana to Storelight: Please cancel order.

What follows is something that annoys us immeasurably, we do not simply allow our prejudices to be destroyed.

A reply e-mail was received on the same evening: “Dear Sir, I have just arranged for the amount to be returned.

The order is thus completely canceled.

Keep us in good memory, and I would be delighted if you soon found something with us that you would like to keep. ”Dear Dipl.-Ing.

Carsten Stork from Bünde, that's not how it works.

No customer can take so much friendliness.