"China still has not come to its senses,"

Sungshin Women's University professor Seo Kyung-duk criticized the Chinese actor's claim that the 'gat', a traditional Korean hat, was the origin of China, calling it "ignorant remarks."

Professor Seo said on his SNS today (8th), "Chinese famous actor Wu Shi Ze recently posted a picture on his Weibo account saying, 'God originated in China and was transmitted to other countries.' When God became famous through the popular Netflix drama 'Kingdom', he must have been envious of Wuxi."

Professor Seo continued, "Nevertheless, Wuxi's distorted remarks should be criticized because they are 'ignorant remarks'." They even distort that it originated in China," he said, expressing hostility to China's reckless rainy season.

He also said, "Even though foreign media such as the BBC recently published critical articles about China, (China) still has not come to its senses. I did.

Famous Chinese actor Wu Shi Ze (25), who appeared in the drama 'Meteor Garden', which is also well known in Korea, posted on his Weibo account on the 3rd, "God originated in China and spread to other countries." I will not allow culture to be misunderstood."

No detailed evidence was provided for this claim.

Chinese netizens who saw Wuxi's post like this responded, "We need to be confident in our culture," "Korea has learned from us," and "They said that everything in Korea belonged to them." Most of the articles were positively sympathetic.

Meanwhile, China's Northeast Project to transform Korea's traditional culture into Chinese culture is not a one-day or two-day job.

In particular, in the promotional video for the Beijing Winter Olympics to be held in China in February next year, the hanbok, top hat, and janggu appear as if they were Chinese.

In addition, China's last-minute Northeast Project is constantly being carried out regardless of the field, such as writing the nationality of poet Yun Dong-ju as Chinese or claiming that Admiral Yi Sun-sin was a subject of the Ming Dynasty.

(Picture=Professor Seo Kyung-duk Instagram, Wu Shize Weibo, Beijing Winter Olympics promotional video capture)