The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that the number of new COVID-19 cases in Seoul was tentatively counted at 1,150 for 18 hours from 00:00 to 6pm on Wednesday, the 8th.

This is the highest record for the same time period.

This is an increase of 9 from the previous high of 1,141 yesterday, a new record in one day, and 236 more than 914 in the same time zone a week ago (1 day).

The total number of confirmed cases per day was 2,901 on the 7th and 2,267 on the 1st.

The number of daily confirmed cases in Seoul rose to 1,436 on the 16th, 1,734 on the 23rd, 1,760 on the 24th, 1,888 on the 26th, and 2 on the 30th after the gradual recovery (with Corona) was implemented last month. With 1,222 people, he set a record five times, the most in history.

Even in this month, 2,267 people on the 1st day, 2,273 people on the 3rd day, and 2,901 people on the 7th day, set a new record three times in a week.

In particular, yesterday (the 7th), the number of confirmed cases approached 3,000, and the increase was steeper.

There is still six more hours to count, so the total number of confirmed cases per day may exceed 3,000.