Criticism towards the pastor and couple in their 40s, who was the first confirmed patient of the mutated Omicron in Korea, is becoming excessive.

According to a mom cafe in Incheon, on the 4th, an article was posted on the bulletin board saying, 'The pastor's and his wife's identities were eventually stolen'.

The author wrote, "I do not post (related content) because it is illegal," but "I will not be able to live with my face in Incheon in the yard where even my identity has been stolen."

In the post, critics were pouring in saying that the pastoral couple, Mr. A, made a false statement during an epidemiological investigation, saying that the 'nth infection' of Omicron is spreading in the area, and there are dozens of comments asking how to check their personal information. ran.

In addition, there was a response that defended the disclosure of the identity, saying, "I have nothing to say even if my identity is stolen" or "I am self-employed."

In addition, personal information such as couple A's photo and real name is spreading indiscriminately in various Internet communities.

Online, the arrows of criticism are expanding around the world, including information related to the church to which Mr. A and his wife belong, information about the pastor, and even the name of the school their children attend.

However, it is pointed out that these articles are degenerating into the form of cyber violence such as personal information leakage or abusive language beyond the level of general criticism.

Min Mo (30), who lives in Michuhol-gu, Incheon, said, "It is true that I get angry when I think of the social damage caused by the lying of Mr. A and his wife, but it seems that witch-hunting such as stealing personal information is wrong."If distorted information spreads, it may lead to further damage.”

Seol Dong-hoon, professor of sociology at Chonbuk National University, said, "Even though the conduct of a pastor and his wife may be subject to moral criticism, it should not go beyond the legal boundaries. ", he pointed out.

Pastor A and his wife in their 40s, who were the first infected with Omicron in Korea, made a false statement in an epidemiological investigation after they were diagnosed with COVID-19 on the 25th of last month, saying, "I took a quarantine taxi from the airport and went home."

Because of this, acquaintance B, who took them from the airport to their home, was excluded from the close contact category and was not quarantined. are doing

(Photo=Captured from the bulletin board of Mom Cafe in Incheon, Yonhap News)