High-ranking Public Officials' Crime Investigation Office, which had requested an arrest warrant for Son Jun-seong twice in connection with the allegation of indictment of the


, has turned to an investigation into the documents of the judges this time. It is to speed up the investigation of other cases instead of the indictment that hit the wall.

Correspondent Hong Young-jae.

<Reporter> The

court rejected the second arrest warrant for Prosecutor Son Jun-seong, stating that the need for arrest was not sufficiently explained.

It was pointed out that the investigation was not done properly enough to be arrested.

The Ministry of Airborne Affairs claimed that the role of prosecutors related to the documents of the accusation was more detailed than when the first arrest warrant was issued, but the court did not accept it.

12 hours after the second arrest warrant was dismissed, the Air Airborne Service notified the hand inspection of the summons again.

This time, it was not a case of accusation, but the subject of investigation into the suspect in the investigation of the judge's documents.

Prosecutor Sohn was accused of collecting and reporting the personal information of judges in major cases under the direction of then Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol last year.

The High Public Officials' Crime Investigation Office has not completed any cases on its own, except for the case of the first case, Cho Hee-yeon's hiring corruption case, which was requested to be prosecuted by the prosecution.

On the contrary, even the procedural legitimacy was not recognized, such as a court ruling that the search and seizure of Rep. Kim Woong's office was illegal.

Although it started under the pretext of being in charge of investigating power-type crimes, as it failed to show the investigative ability commensurate with it, voices calling for the renewal of the Airborne Service are growing.