Sensitive information from the police and governments was leaked through a leak at Abiom, a company that supplies communication technology to the National Police, the Tax Authorities and Defence, among other things.

De Volkskrant


that, which has seen the data.

Ransomware group LockBit has put some of the information online and is demanding ransom from Abiom.

The company would not have responded.

According to

de Volkskrant

, internal documents have been leaked, including "sensitive and confidential communication with governments".

Among other things, Abiom supplies technology for the C2000 network that the police, ambulance and fire brigade, as well as security services, use.

The leaked documents include invoices of more than a million euros to the police, personal data of executives and copies of passports.

Experts tell

de Volkskrant

that this leak is part of a new development in which ransomware groups not only encrypt computer systems, but also steal and publish data.

Other criminals can then use that data for other illegal activities, such as corporate espionage or a subsequent hack.

Customers of companies may also be at risk if their data is in the leak.