In the face of the all-powerful hegemony of Google's search engine, it's easy to forget that there are reliable and effective alternatives.

Among the most famous are DuckDuck Go and Ecosia.

DuckDuck sets itself apart from the Google engine by offering a service entirely focused on the privacy of its users.

No data is collected and, unlike Google, search results are the same for everyone, regardless of the age, gender or location of the users.

For its part, Ecosia offers a greener alternative where 80% of the profits are donated to non-profit organizations that participate in reforestation programs in countries such as Tanzania or Madagascar.

A grid rather than a list

For its part, wishes to offer an alternative to the principle of "only true answer" used by Google.

A concept that states that most people are looking for an answer that can be summed up as a simple factual sentence.

Instead of a "one-size-fits-all" answer, the search engine is built around sorting and comparing results.

The service therefore turns away from the lists of links generally used by search engines and instead offers a grid where the results are organized by source.

These can indicate the precise origin of the site from which the information comes, such as Wikipedia or the New York Times, or a more general category such as "news".

The name was also not chosen at random. wants to give power back to users by making them vote, favorably or unfavorably, for the posted sources.

As the site learns more about your tastes, it will highlight preferred sources, followed by neutral sources, and finally less popular sources.

The results are not necessarily very different from those of Google, but the search engine especially encourages its users not to be satisfied with a single source.

The public beta started this Tuesday, November 9.

If you want to give this new search engine a chance, you can come and try it by clicking on this link.


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